Acute Illness

If you are acutely ill, you are welcome to contact our acute consultation without a pre-existing appointment. Every day between 8-8.30 AM.

Please note that acute consultation in the said hours is reserved for those who are experiencing acute illness and problems (coughing, fever, earaches/pain in the throat, inflammation of the eyes (conjunctivitis), inflammation of the bladder (cystitis), acute stomach ache and smaller wounds).

The Acute Consultation are not suitable for problems such as back pain, mental health problems, crises/stress, prolonged/chronic problems – in such cases, we kindly refer you to our Same Day Appointment system.

From time to time, waiting time may occur during our acute consultation hours.

In some cases, we may find it necessary to schedule a consultation for you at a later time.

In the case of acute, life-threatening illness, contact 112.